Agricultural Vehicle Tires

Since 1980, L&L Tire has been the go-to tire company for southwest Oklahoma’s farmers and ranchers. We have a fantastic selection of farm tractor tires for all types of rural uses.

We understand that farm vehicles require dependable tires that can withstand a variety of conditions and demands. They are built with a different type of craftsmanship, special tread and a level of durability that no other tire can match. Farmers need the most reliable tires on the market to properly maintain the enormous weight of farming vehicles and firmly grasp soil. Our agricultural tires are high performance, certified and ready to take on every type of terrain. They have elite traction capabilities, the highest level of durability and will decrease soil compaction.

If you are looking for a special type of agricultural tire, chances are we have it in stock or we’ll specially order it for you. We don’t limit our inventory to only one brand either. We keep multiple brands in stock at all times and we have farm tire experts on staff to help farmers procure the proper tire to meet their specific tread and design needs. You can count on the agricultural tire experts at L&L for sales and service of your tires.

If you’re new to the agricultural industry and a bit green in terms of what types of tires are needed for agricultural vehicles, you should spend some time with the experts at L&L Tire. Our knowledgeable tire professionals are here for you to lean on. They are well versed in all types of agricultural tires including wide selection tires, volume tires, and high flotation tires.