ATV Tires

Your ATV’s most important features are the tires. You won’t go far on sub-par tires, so it’s critical to invest in high-quality products that keep you moving and give you peace of mind. We place a big emphasis on fitting your 4-wheeler with the right tires to keep you safe out there, whether you like to take your ATV to the road, sand, mud or trails. Available in a variety of tread patterns, ATV tires are designed for the type of terrain you’re planning on hitting. Not all tires are created equal, so if you use the wrong tread, you can actually do quite a bit of damage to your engine. Why? The engine will strain while you attempt to gain traction. Come visit L&L Tire at our Lawton, OK, location and see what we have in stock for you. Here is a sampling of the most popular ATV tire types:

Mud: This type of tire directs water away from the tread for the ultimate in traction yet with minimal sliding.

Sand: When traveling on sand, you want less tread. As opposed to mud tires that repel water, sand tires tend to attract the sand, allowing your ATV to remain atop the dune as opposed to getting stuck. Paddles on rear sand tires provide extra power, in contrast with front ones which are smoother.

Trail: All-terrain tires are perfect for marked trails, as these self-cleaning models provide a certain level of balance over terrain that varies slightly.

Racing: Developed with hard-packed courses in mind, racing tires have very distinct knob tread patterns meant for gripping the road at high speeds.